This weekend I competed in lovely Austria. The IXS cup and our national champs were on the schedule.It rained everyday time and the weather God got the track no chance to dry out. Leogang is a very wet area in Austria but the last weeks or month it rained non stop everyday, I got told. The IXS Cup is a European cup just one level under a World cup so the starter field was huge and a lot of nationalities started too.I had so much fun on my bike even when the track looked alike a motocross track.
There were so deep wholes- I think my full body would have fit in some of them. When you rode the track it felt like on a rodeo horse not that I have ever done that but I think it would come close….Unfortunately many riders got bad bad injured. The helicopter flew 3 times and I saw many riders with white finger/shoulder/foot/ knee etc. straps. hinking around at the race pits. It was super muddy but because of the roots and the rolling part I decided to run the Michelin DH 16. I tried the mud ones but I didn’t feel good on the roots.
I really enjoyed it to ride my bike and the mud didn’t bother me too much.  But in my race run I crashed two times hard. But luckily I just ended up with new bruises and not in the hospital…I finished on the 8th place in Elite Women and our national champs weren’t counted because we were just 3 austrian riders and the national champs are official with 6 starters… Anita Molcik got first and 2nd Petra Bernhard