I need a timeout.

This weekend I raced downhill in Slovenia. The 5th World cup was running in Maribor and I decided to race just downhill this time to keep my power for the downhill. First I regret that I didn’t race 4x but finally I think it was a good desicion and I felt all right with it.

Friday: It was very nice. The sun was shining and the track was perfect. I enjoyed it a lot and i felt all good.

Saturday: It rained the whole night and so the track was soaked in the morning. The qualification got quanceled because of the storm and lightening. The gondola didn’t run so the riders weren’t able to get to the start. The track was actually pretty good and all right to ride. But so the qualifying was on Sunday morning.

It was super stressy. Wake up at 5:30. Get in the line at 6:30 to reduce the waiting time at the gondola. And then I did one run- washed my bike and already went up to my quali run at 9:38. This time I had a mechanic with me. Martin was his name and he is working for the bikeshop CICLOPIA. They helping me always out.  So I was very pleased for his help. I have also to thank Lukas another mechanic who helped me too.

Anyway in my quali run I crashed at the third corner hard and I lost so many seconds…. To sum it up I didn’t make it to the final again (25 th place). I was really upset about me and about my crash….

I take a break now of racing for 2 weeks and see how i feel after this timeout. I will race for sure the national champs at Leogang. But until there NO Racing for me. I have to find my smile ….

see you LENE