So yes what should I say….


Fort williams is over for me. I raced today the downhill qualification. I didn’t make it to the final -again it is so frustrating. 24th position and 20 seconds behind the 20th place. This time I didn’t crash it was more that I didn’t find my rythm from the top to the bottom. I was everywhere on the brakes couldn’t make good turns, missed out some lines, maybe want to be safe. I was so focused on not crashing that I forgot about let it go. I don’t know what i should say. i have to get my mind free to race good again.

In 4 cross I did better. My training was good. I jumped all the jumps I wanted to and enjoyed it. Qualifying run was still not good messed up one line really bad and my gears get stucked for 3 pedal stroks and I finished 15th. I was glad to make it in the 16th heats. Today race day, I raced against Anneke Beerten, Anita Molcik and Rachel Saydeux. I had the outside line and didn’t pass anyone. so out in the first round.

Tomorrow I will watch the race and will sleep looooooong in.
I know my blog sounds quite sad but yes that’s excactly how I feel at the moment.

Caroline did much better she got second. So at least one of us had a good fort william weekend.