The weeks between the World cups

After Andorra I went home for 2 weeks. Caroline Buchanan, an australian 4cross/BMX girl is staying with me at the moment and we had a good time. The weather was brilliant in Austria and so we did heaps of riding, swimming in a lake, sight seeing, shooping….


Pump track Vösendorf


BMX track Wr. Neustadt


Cycling Track in Vienna, with these rental bikes.

Lunch with my parents at home


Sight Seeing with Markus and Caroline (Schönbrunn/Vienna)








I also used the time to find a worker for my appartment or I should say my dad found him. I don’t know if i have already mention it but I will move out from home. I don’t know when because i have so much work to do in the appartment and I am hardly at home in Austria. But I am really excited about moving out and have my own space.

We also celebrated my father’s birthday. Caroline and I baked a chocolate cake with 10 eggs, sugar and butter and no flower. So for those who are baking sometimes it was a very fatty cake but very good and it’s my dads‘ favourite.
Apart from this I had the 4x national champs and a austrian cup race going on. The race super good organised thanks to Sabine by the way and all the organisers. I got 3rd in both races. It was a good track but we had sh… weather. it Rained and hailed.


Markus and Caroline. (A typical good looking austrian man)


Photo by Tom Hauke: Training


Snow on Carolines shoulderdsc01102sa.jpg

Austrian Cup race: Caroline/Anita/Me/Angelika (left to the right)


National champs 4x 09

So that’s was pretty much it what happened the last two weeks. I think I found a good mix between, relax and still train a lot.


Stay posing. Bye LENE