Andorra World cup ….hola seniorita.


This weekend I raced in Andorra. It was the 3 rd Downhill and 4x UCI round. I raced there last year so knew the DH track but not the 4x track. When I arrived on Tuesday it looked like it gonna be a rainy weekend, super cloudy, cold, wet and It looked like it will snow. But the weather turned and at the end I got sunburned lips and cheeks.  My bikes worked well and I love my new Morewood hardtail it’s the best. So from that side it was all good.  On Friday in the qualification I nearly crashed on a triple but I still ended up on the 15 position. We were 24 girls so I was happy about that. On Saturday I had the Downhill qualification which didn’t turn out good for me. I crashed hard and lost a lot of seconds to get back on my bike and then to get in my click pedals.  So yes I was out of the top 20 girls and didn’t start on Sunday.  (no injured just bruised)

In four cross I had big crash with another girl (Katarina Tothova).  I was so lucky that I didn’t get injured because we both flew over a roller which you should be soaked because of the following big logs. I landed nose diving in the logs and bushes with my head and left shoulder first. But I still managed to get in the next round. I spoke with Katarina and she said she is „fine“ no broken shoulder.

In my second heat I didn’t have a brilliant start and the heat was strong too. Anneke Beerten,  Jana Horokova and Johanna Petersson.  I came close to Johanna but I couldn’t pass her and I got last. My final position was 14th. I am satisfied about that. This 4x track was a very good track to pass and good to watch for the spectators. Lots of crashes and smart passing scenes.  Fionn Griffiths and Jost Wichman won and I was so happy for them.  Congratulations! What I am not happy about is of course my crashing in downhill but I get my next chance in Fort Williams.



Me, Caroline Buchanan and Steffi Marth on the top of the hill.


My spanish friends from Madrid.  dsc00799-copy-2small.jpg