Houffalize 1st day.

Diana and I arrived saved in lovely Belgium. It’s a nice town and so far everything looks fine. Diana made something wrong with the accomondation booking so when we arrived in the hotel no room was booked other her name. So yes we had no room and the only offer was a small room with an extern bathroom with breakfast for 65 euros…WOW super expensive. So we drove on and searched for another room. to be honest I was angry about the situation and the fact the training was going to start but we had to search for a new accomondation. BUT you will not believe it a man watched our searching process and invited us to his house. Private and we were very pleased. Now we are staying there for a very very good price and the man is nice the house is nice and we can use the kitchen, lock the bikes well and its in the middle of the centre. The first training went okay my pedal axle good loose. Fortunatley I realized it before I wanted to jump the biggest jumps but I wasn’t very relaxed. I don’t know what’s my problem I am just not myself at the moment. Tomorrow I will see how it goes and want to do good in the qualification.

bye bye LENE