South Africa Resume

I am back in Austria now and I am very happy about this. For the ones who had followed my blog I had a lot of bad luck and at the end I was really mind blocked and I just wanted to have it passed. In the 4 cross in my first run i had a very good start but then I made a big mistake and didn’t close the first corner and went inside so the other girls behind me could pass me inside easiliy and I was last. It was so frustrating I can’t tell. and in the semifinal I had problems with my gear just before the start and the KHS mechanics helped me. By the way thank you. I was stressed out and had a bad start and was last again. I ended up on the 8th position.

On Sunday on the downhill I didn’t do much better. I didn’t crash but made also lots of mistakes. I pedalled as much as I could but I didn’t do all jumps and lost a lots of seconds. I ended up on the 14th position. 14th sounds not to bad but in the fact that just 18 girls where competing it is pretty bad.

The south african home local hero won Greg minnarr won the race and Tracy Moseley raced down like from another planet.

Bye bye LENE