Qualification day DH /4x

I am feeling better now. Yesterday I was still struggeling with my digestion. I kept on vomitting and didn’t feel good at all. But at least my bikes works fine now. Maxime from Boss Suspension changed a few things on my suspension. I got a springs size which fits to my weight now. So I am happy about that.

On the downhill track are jumpes with are scarring me a lot and I hope I jump them tomorrow. I crashed in my qualification run today, I washed out and landed on my sore side. So my time was scrap and I ended up on the 15th position.
In four cross I was so nervous. I didn’t do jumps I wanted so I was very worry about my performance in my qualification run. I think I did okay and I am on the 7th place.  I will see what tomorrow brings. bye LENE