Race-3rd place 4x/ 6th place DH/ Sailing/ food poisoning

I don’t know why but since I am here in South africa my life is just crazy. Nearly non stop everything goes wrong. I keep on crashing hard, have non stop bruises or scratches even when I would sleep with my bodyamour I would manage to hurt myself and now I am food poisened. Everything hurts in my body and I can hardly sleep because I don’t know on which part of my body i can lie without having pain. Yesterday I went sailing with Alex to get my mind free and to get some distance to the bike thing. And guess what happened I managed to hurt myself again. They sail get out of control and the robe burned my neck deeply. Then in the evening I cooked pasta with mince and I think the mince wasn’t cold properly. So I spent the whole night with vomitting, diarrhea, fever and catching mosquitoes.

Apart from that I competet this weekend. Got 3rd in the four cross and 6th in the downhill. I had pain as well because I crashed the day before so I rode very badly. I wasn’t happy at all……

Bye lene