national race on the wc track

Yesterday I was training on the 4x track and crashed hard. Got scratches on my shoulder and elbow although i was wearing protection and I crashed on my head as well. I didn’t sleep very well and woke up early. The downhill training was going on and many top riders have already arrived to train on the track. I decided not to ride DH today becaus I had head ache and felt so sleepy what I actually did at the end. It was raining a little bit and the track is so slippery, especially on the top section. The dirt turns just out like riding on ice and you slide without any control about your bike. So did Fabien Barel, one of the top top riders in the World. He dislocated his knee cap. I heard he cleared a road gab landed, slipped away and hit with his knee a stumb. I wish him a good recovery. In the afternoon I rode 4x and qualificated 3rd. We are 4 girl but big names like Fion Griffiths, Jojo Peterson and Emmelin Ragot. We were all in 3 seconds. 29,29,30,31 So appart from my position and time I was satisfied about my performance after crashing so hard the day before. I don’t know who came first by the men I went straight home… Tomorrow the weather forcast is better sun sun sun so it should be much better.  Bye bye LENE