13 days

The time is flying here.  And the world cup is coming closer and closer.

But up to now I had a great time with some ups and downs.  I had some big problems with my equipment but now I have sorted everything out and I just have to push myself back on the right way. Easy to say but I have people here who are supporting me a lot. One the one side the family with whom I am staying. The Dinkelmans are just incredible. I am so welcome here. And on the other side the Morewood people, Patrick Morewood, Richard Carter, Fabien and the others are helping me a lot here and look after me as well. 

The last day I was in Durban at the Aquarium with Steff and German woman who grew up here. It was so good fun and the variety of fish was impressive. I saw all the NEMO crew 😉 including the sharks. I was also for a swim in the sea and struggled with not loosing my bikini all the time forced by the wave power. But all good I walked out covered J Yes between riding on the track and training I went out for dancing. It was Fabiens birthday and so a bunch of people went out. So I got dressed up and was ready to shake ….It was so good fun. I love to dance nearly as same as riding my bike and so I danced non stop. Nearly crashed few times because the floor got cleaned all the time so it was wet all the time. We didn’t come home late but on the other day my legs were heavy…very heavy. I was dirt jumping the next day at Tims place. There was a small line and a big line. I was keen to try the big one but hmm better not because I have not so much clue about dirt jumping. The small line was good fun.
Yesterday I was training on the 4x and I think it’s a good course but I think far too small jumps for the men. They will over jump everything.   The downhill track is getting better and better the people are working hard to make it perfect for the race. This weekend are the nationals in four cross and downhill and I think there will be a lot of good people riding.

Bye bye LENE