George, pietermaritzburg

LAast weekend I went on a big road trip. Alex, Kelvin, Mark and I went for about 16 hours to George. A town on the south coast about 4 hours before Cape Town coming from the east. It was a long drive and but it was nice to see the country. Amazing how different it is but it still reminded me to the Pyrenees in France. Just the top shape of the mountains is looking quite similar. I saw lots of small villages with hundreds of small round huts. I don’t think the people have any electricity or water there. It’s so crazy for me to see the poor kids/teenagers walking kilometers to get to school and we were driving with the big car with fancy expensive bikes on the trailer through it. These pictures make you realizing how much better your life is and how thankful you should be for all the opportunities you have. But the other side is also that most of the people here are just wasting time with nothing and aren’t very productive or smart at all. But maybe I am wrong and they haven’t any other choice than to accept their lives and the economical and political situation in this country.
Any way we went on this road trip to compete the national champs. The track was fun but a lot to pedal. I won the race. Second was Anka Martin and third I don’t know I can’t remember her name. There were about 7 girls I think at least more than we have in our national champs. I didn’t get the national jersey of course I am not south African. But I get some price money. Not much about 50 Euros. Johann P. won the race second was the Morewood rider Jonty Neethling and third I can’t remember the name either. Especially the last bite of the track was fun, few nice burms and 2 nice doubles. I enjoyed the weekend but I wasn’t satisfied with my riding performance. I am still not used to my new bike and I am struggling around with the suspension setup.
Today as well I was training on the downhill track with Fabien (morewood engineer) and Simon DInkelman (the son of the family I am staying with) and I just couldn’t find my flow. At the pedal section I lost so much time and I couldn’t keep up with the others. I don’t know why because I am feeling fit but I just couldn’t go smooth enough above all the small roots or what ever I don’t know I have to figure out quick…. There are a lot of jumps on the track as well and I haven’t hit the all. I want to but I today was just not my day I couldn’t motivate to try them at all. I think it’s just when I can’t see the landing it’s stress me because at the finish is big triple and I don’t have any problems to clear that. I don’t know I will see how it goes tomorrow, because there is small club race on the track and I will see how it will go.
Apart from all the training I am helping Misses Dinkelman a lot with here wedding preparation work. She is a florist and more and she is organizing lots of weddings. Sometimes three at on weekend. I don’t know how she does it but she is working so hard and sometimes the whole night through just that the bride is happy. The brides are so fuzzy and they want all special things. I won’t ever want to be like them and drive my wedding planer crazy. I don’t even know if I want to marry that spectacularly. Weddings are big deal here in South Africa and lots lots young people get married here and obviously they don’t care about the money or their parents. When they want golden sprayed chairs they want them and if Kerry can’t get the things here she is shipping them in. But anyway I like to be creative and do things with my hands so I am quite happy about this work and also that I can help her. I am staying here for free and that’s at least what I can do for them to say thank you.