Morewood Factory


Today I had the chance to see the Morewood factory. The place, where all my frames were made and a riders dreams come true ;-). I met the Patrick Morewood and Richard Carter again, and Kyle a new member of the crew and all the other workers. It was a huge hall with many machines and much metal lying around. I really liked it and was very interested to see how the frames are made. It seems like a lot of work and precision and each frame is an individual. Patrick worked on my bike or an especially on my rear shock so that it works better.  All liked also my new frame painting. My uncle painted it in BRIGHT BRIGHT NEON LIGHT RED. I normally can’t stand red but this is just so beautiful and looks so fast.  The only thing I am worried about that the painting will stay on for long because it seems to go of easily but I will see and take care a lot. So tomorrow I going to train again and pick up my DH bike in the afternoon and maybe get some runs on the DH track as well.
Bye bye LENE