Mautern Season Finishing

Last weekend I packed my stuff the last time for this year together and drove to Mautern a little village between St. Michael and Liezen. A new track have been built by soe locals in a nature park and I was keen to see it. My expectations got fullfilled the track was long, technical, challangeing but what really disappointed me where the chair lift which took 24 minutes up and the temperatures in the morning, for sure minus, because the half of the track was frozen. But with right cloth and a nice place to stay i could resist and really enjoyed this race. I felt fine and took it very easy. I didn’t crash, did the big gap jump which many men didn’t do and placed on the podium, so check check check I was allright. Petra placed first, Elke second, and then me. In the overall, which I just found there that we have an Austria Extreme cup I placed 3rd too and got some money from the ÖRV: Thanks for that:-)

I say goodbye to this racing year and goodbye to Alpine Commencal. To sum it up it was year with ups and downs but luckily more ups than downs, no big injuries.

So I will keep you updated what i doing next year and which races, but I am pretty sure I move back to DH and will do some enduro and 4x races. bye bye Lene