my season starts soon

having a good time

Anninger i am back
dog walking time
I am now fully recovered and love my life. The check ups went fine and I started to train and ride again. Since this surgery I see all more relaxed and I have realized there are more important things then winning and racing.
Of course I don’t want to be without it and will still take part at few races but because I haven’t prepared myself like normal I don’t stress myself too much. Luckily I don’t have to, my sponsors are still with me and I have other projects running. You can be excited.
Snowboarding with my boyfriend
Because of the nice weather I have spent already some time on the bike on my hometown trails, working on my strength and endurance and enjoy riding. Explore new places, went Dirt jumping and riding on my home dual track. It was to be honest a bite disillusioning. I didn’t expect that I have to start nearly from zero but I getting back slowly.
Proksch Hütte – first time there. super nice place and trails
Enyoing riding
Exploring a cave
This year I want to check out the Enduro discipline. I have no clue about it how the format works and how it will be. I just give it a go. My friends say its lot of fun and its something for me. The first race will be Trelago in Italy or Riva del Garda, depends if my bike is ready.
This year I changed my frame sponsor. I am very pleased for the years with Moro and I would have stayed but I wanted to try Enduro and Moro is specialized on DH/ 4X and Dirt and has no Enduro frame.
My new frame partner is Alutech Cycles from Germany. I am very happy and excited to try my new special painted neon pink/black frames and be in their Trailforceteam. I choosed the TEIBUN, SENNES and D422.
I also have TSG (protection) and Carbocage (chain guide) new as my sponsors.
I will still racing 4x and DH and will take part at two 4x Pro Tour races, Crankworx, IXS Cup Spicak, Bike and Beats Festival, Trailtrophy Latsch, DreiLänderEck Enduro, Riva del Garda Enduro and hopefully at the 4x World champs in Leogang.
Apart from racing I am again busy with my coaching company and the “Wienerwald Trails” association. (More news about WWT in my next blog.)
So if you need some training and coaching I show you how to improve your riding skills. I also cooperate with my bike shop Ciclopia. The deal is, if you buy a MTB bike over 2000€ you get a 3h-coaching class with me for free, so maybe you need both a new bike and coaching. So these are my news so far.  More when my bikes are finally built up.