Miss Downhill goes YOGA…

Last week I had my first no training week. Okay honestly it wasn’t completely free. I was trampoline jumping with Lisa on Tuesday and Yoga on Thursday. The trampoline is a performance of friendship duty and Yoga is a new thing for me which I try and enjoy. In this 90 minutes I am so focussed on my body and my energy that I forget about everything else at least if forces me to do it. And my stretch ability isn’t very good… So yoga is good to work on it.

I also used the week to work on my Baccalaureates writings which I have to do to finish my studies completely. I will fly on the 27th to Newzealnd to train there and race with Mister Crow… Fuffy Fu. I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I should fly because I want to finish the writings before I leave but I think I can make it and so I have also pressure on me to work hard and permanent on it. Oen topic is about the concept, strategies, approaches and possibilities in Sponsor acquisition for individual athletes and the other topic is about sports competition planning with long journeys (jetlag…Logistic stuff etc…)

With both topics I am all the time confronted so I “enjoy” it on a way to write about it. I can slip a lot of experiences in my work.

This morning I drove my parents to the airport and on that why I saw this pylon. In the last second I decided to make a picture of it and I was surprised that I got that shot. I love it.