my check list seems to have no end…

Just few days and I will be on another continent again. The next stop is South Africa, Pietermaritzburg , where the first UCI world cup will be. I will fly in Johannesburg.  I am really happy to go there but at the moment at home I have so much things going on and I am really stressed out to finish them all before I am leaving.  I want to move out from home since last year but it isn’t easy to find a suitable flat with a big cellar for all my bikes. So it took a while to find an apartment. I actually found one but everything takes so long- the contract etc. and I’m losing bit by bit my patience. I have already packed my stuff in boxes and cleaned up a lot.  I hate to chuck things away which you maybe need again but which when you be honest to yourself haven’t touched for 3 years.  And then at the end you start to separate it in different boxes. I mean I did. One box for things which are brand new and you know that you will never ever use it because you got it given but you thing you could maybe give it to someone who mind need it (maybe an ebay or birthday case).  But actually I sold my old Minidisk player and an old sega game gear paddle, which up to now I don’t know where it came from, on ebay. It was not much but better than to chuck it in the rubbish bin. Then you have the box with things which are absolutely useless and in bad conditions too, but you associate some good moment with it and you don’t have the heart to throw it away.  And I found a lot of things like that…which slowed down my project “ don’t look back kick it out -you don’t have space in your new apartment”  a lot and even in the front of this big rubbish containers it was hard for me to let it fall in the hole and say goodbye.

 And then you have the box with things you can need but you realize that you don’t need that big amount of the same thing like 20 ring binders, 37 pencils, 16 CD covers, 12 old sun glasses , 8 rulers, or 7 contact lenses boxes, when you just need normally one.  And you start to give it to all your friends or sell it.

The next other big project which kept me also very busy was to clean out me bike cellar. Sell my bikes from last year. Ah by the way I still have my Morewood Iziumi downhill bike (small) without fork to sell for 1900 Euro. And I also found a lot of old parts from the period when I start to ride… But also for that king of parts you will be surprised I found people who were searching for that. So I sold one hard tail and other parts to afford me the race season a bit better. This year everyone seems to struggle with the budget.

Then I got my new frames from Morewood, the Hardtail  ENZA and the Downhill frame MAKULU.  And I wanted to get the frames painted by my uncle (he owns a body shop). But this turned out to a dilemma, because the man who paints normally the cars got ill and at the end my uncle didn’t have the colour on stock either. So fingers crossed that I get my frames painted by tomorrow.  Yes and then I have to pack everything for south Africa, take my bikes apart, chuck it in a big bike boxes, cover it with 3 at least three rolls of duck tape. I am still waiting for the delivery of some important bike parts, without I can’t fly ……. So I am sitting on pins and needles at the moment. But apart from all that I am sure that I will find a solution even if it is not the best.

Bye bye LENE

Here my bike which i would sell. It’s the best really the best.