Coronet Peak race

The race is over and it was a great weekend. I ended up on the podium on the 5th place. I didn’t do some jumps which I should probably should have done but what ever it was my first race this year and I was off the bike for about 3 months. I am stocked to be here. It’s so genial to be at a warm place instead of sitting on my XC bike with long pants and long winter gloves.

The coronet peak track was super. Lots off burms and washed out corners. Lots of jumps… I really like the dry stuff. The after party was also nice. Lot’s of dancing to the sound of a hip hip band. I was a little bit handy cap because of my ankle, which is nearly fine now. Just when I have to walk far it hurts.
At the moment I am in Wanaka in Dan’s house a friend of an other friend from Napier. I am sitting in a very nice appartment my feeds on the chair and tipping on my very usefull laptop my neeeeeeewwwws and skyping with my lovely friend Kathi. She is injured and had 4 operations in one week. She broke her fibular and tibia and has now nails in her bones for 1 year or more. There were a lot of complications she could feel her leg and that’s why they had to operate her so many times. I feel so bad that I can’t be with her.

So yesterday we went for ride in Snow Park that’s the place where the next race will be. It’s a nice track very fast and long and the same as dusty as the last one. In the track are two road gaps which I will probably try today in the afternoon. Now I will just go for a small ride in sticky forest. Where ever this is…. I will see..

So I will keep you up to date.