NZ South Cup is over

img_7635.JPGimg_7670.jpgThe south Island cup is over and I did all right. I am so stoked to be here and I enjoy every second. I can take everthing so easy no stress and no pressure. I am sorrounden by my kiwi mates and I am everywhere very welcome. At the moment I am in Leons and Donas house in Wellington. Where I stayed to years ago too. I have my own room. YEAH I had luck every place I was up to now I had my own room and didn’t have to sleep on the kitchen floor like last time. So thanks to everybody who let me stay.

The last two weeks were just amazing. I saw a lot and raced a lot. In one week 3 races that’s my record. Maybe everybodys record here. I guess the NZ federation dated the races so close to avoid a lots of costs for staying and more…. When they would have asked me I had nothing to say against staying longer at one place. BUt what ever so I am back in WEllingto now with good results. 5th, 2th and 3rd and overall 3rd. Yeah I am satisfied and not injured.

I will go to bed now it was a long day and I need some sleep I will go tomorrow for a XC ride.