Pukawa Tour

Brilliant weekend..yeah. Wakeboarding, Jet Skiing, Fishing (with no suxcess) and lots of other stuff happened the last weekend. It was great.

I was invited by a friend to stay in his father’s summer residence near Tapo. It was so cool. It’s a really nice lake and not too cold for a swim. I did some wakeboarding behind a boat… Yes behind. Not like in Austria on a lift. It was so much more difficult. The jet ski session was exciting too. The lake was so ruff and so Chris and I did lots of wall rides and spins….Great. We nearly felt off but just nearly. I have no idea how he managed that we didn’t fall into the  water because I hold fast to his Safty jacket and he just to the handle bars and the whole jet ski was so sloped.

Me on the boat.

We stayed there just over the weekend.. I did some Kaiserschmarrn for the family

img_7805.JPG Chris and I making Kaiserschmarrn.


After this weekend I spend more time in Wellington and did some runs with the local boys… Good tracks a little bit short but nice. I also did some good training runs on the national track in Wellington, where the race will be at the end of february.

So jep I am looking forward to race in Rotorua soon.

see you LENE