Go by train…

I am in Auckland at the moment in Kai’s house. I decided to go to Auckland earlier. It was time to leave for me. So I went by the Overlander train from Wellington to Auckland in 12 hours. The train left at 7:25 am from Wellington. I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I should go because it sounded like a nice weekend in Wellington but yeah now I am happy that I went away. The journey was relaxing. I just slept the whole time and between I organised my hundreds of hundreds MP3s which I got in the last weeks and did a press release for Miriam. My best friend, she got national Champ in Badminton. Very cool and thought about the last month here.

So yesterday I was digging at the national track in Dome Valley. It was okay but I would have prefered to ride my bike because at the end I got informed that it was the last training day before the race. Great and I did just 2 runs. I like the track it is short and good fun.

Today we wanted to go to Rotorua again to do some runs. But we went out and I danced a lot so I was very tired in the morning and slept tooo long to go to Rotorua. For that trip we should have left about 6 o clock in the morning to earn from the day… Whatever we are on the way to an other track I forgot the name … I hope it doesn’t rain because it has 95% humidy.

So so I will go on. see you lene