Dome Valley, (Auckland)

Last weekend was the Auckland national race. It was a good race and finally the weather was on the riders side. Saturday was rainy in the morning and so there was no chance to avoid a complet muddy bike, tires, clothes and bump. The ground was very slippery and the first part was very difficult to ride so I just started to ride in the afternoon. So I stayed nearly clean and my bike was good. In the afternoon it stopped to rain and it dried out very fast and I enjoyed it a lot. The track was not that long but very varied. Tracy Moseley was also there. She is travelling around NZ with her boyfriend and so she didn’t miss to race there. Sunday the track was nearly dry. Nearly everybody still ran the Mud tires in the race run. It wasn’t really necessary but nobody could bother to change and it wasn’t sure if the weather will stay fine. Dark clouds were still passing.. Tracy did a good job and won by 9 seconds.I came second. My seeding run was good (2nd) and my race was even better. I was 13 seconds faster than my seeding run. I was stoked. I didn’t made a mistake. I could have done the loge jump. That’s the only thing I can criticise. Gabby M. came third followed by other Kiwi ladies. Sam Blenkinsop won the man class followed by Skinner. More infos and reports on

To sum up it was a very good race.

After the race I went back to Wellington with Hamish and Rita. It took us the whole day. It’s kind different to Europe, no motorways so it takes you much longer for „easy cheesy“ distances here. In Europe you jump in the car and you are in few hours in Italy… or wherever. Here it’s a whole day trip to go from Auckland to Wellington (650 km). Some places I passed 5 times. So also the one jumping spot in Tapo. There is rock where you can jump off. Pretty cool. Tired I arrived on Monday in Wellington. Happy to back „home“. Wellington became my home here in New Zealand. I was happy to see Chris and Hadley again and could await to ride on Hadley’s new 4 cross track. He did a very good job. He organised everything by himself. He designed, built and got the permition from the council for the track. Impressiv effort.

So yeah I was already riding on the track and it’s a good track. But what else did I expect from him. The only thing I doubt that it will work very well with 4 people on the track. It’s quite narrow in two turns. And one is the double first corner. I hope some girls will enter and I can compete too. With just 3 chicks I am not really interested to race or pay the entry fee. I would like to compete against the boys but I think that will not happen…national champs are more striked I guess.

I will get changed and go for some runs on the awesome track. see you LENE

img_8398.JPG In Byron and Kais back yard.

img_8318.JPG Me on the beach, PIHA, great waves