Wellington national champs 4 Cross

Yesterday evening I competed at the 4 Cross here in Wellington. It was sooo cool. Lots of people come to watch and race. In the woman class we managed to get one heat. I leaded the seeding run about 2 seconds. So I was really waiting get my first win in New Zealand. But yeah it’s 4 Cross and everything is different when four people racing down on the same narrow track. I got „gently“ kick out in the first corner and I crashed in Amy or she in me and went over my bars, twisted them and could ride on. Hariet Harper got first and hmm I have no idea who got second and I 4th. Anyway congrats to them. It was a good show for the spectatures and a good race I really enjoyed it. So many people cheared for me I couldn’t believe it.  Cam Cole won the man …second no idea.

So now I have to go and get ready to practice on the Downhill track… which I really like.

See you LENE