NZ national champs Downhill

The weekend is over and hmm to sum up I am not happy about my result. I tried hard and gave my best but it wasn’t enough. The weather was crazy and the wind blew to hard. It was not possible to jump the jumps well and it depended on the wind if you got a good run or not. My seeding run was horrible ever move ever turn was hardly not to do because of the crazy conditions. At the start I got nearly blown of the star ramp…. BUt anyway it should be a big excuse I was not fast enough to win. I also made a mistake in a burm before a little uphill section so I had to pedal from zero and lost a lot of speed and this maybe cost me the victory. All women were in a 4 second gap. I ended up 4th.

No I am still in wellington, my plan was to do a road trip up to Auckland and catch my flight on friday. But the friend I should go with can’t go anymore so I booked a flight up to Auckland on friday and will fly straight home…I mean to L.A. to London and then Vienna. I really looking forward to see my friends and my family and back to my normal life. Hmmm I don’t know if I have this but at least for 2 month until the race season starts.

See you LENE

img_8533.JPG Hamish got 1 st in his class, congrats…

img_8489.JPGhadley and I

Racing ….