New Zealand Nr One Report….

I am finally made it here. Some of you knew that my journey was almost canceled, because I hurt myself at trampoline course at the University just 10 days before my flight date. I twisted my ankle really badly during I tried to do a back flip with a front flip.

img_7148.JPG my ankle after the flight from London to L.A. I got worse after…

I knew now that I should not go trampoline jumping before I want to do such a trip. Now I know…But finally I am sitting in New Zealand at an Internet café. I feel a bit dizzy and it spins me. I feel the jet lag symptoms.

At the moment I am staying at a friends place with Kai and on the 5th I have my first race.

At the national airport in Aukland. Nearly done.

I don’t know yet if I will be able to race because my ankle hmm needs time to heal. I will see how I feel on the bike. Pedaling down the street is all right but hmm racing I will see.

The days before I left were very busy. I had to do so many things, things were delivered just at the last day, getting my license, printing the logos on my jerseys, finish my bike, get my spare parts, going to different doctors, buying Xmas presents, finish my study writing, and of course the big question is my ankle all right and will I go.

Apart from all the stress I had a very nice Christmas evening with my family and our neighbors like every year. The ironic thing was that I was on crutches like last year.. hmm I don’t want to make it to a habit. I was lucky that I got so good medical support. I had a MR date in just 2 days, normally you have to wait more than 2 weeks in Vienna.

I was also invited to the Frontworx Christmas celebration which was so great

What else happened? I’m riding Morewood this year but I wrote that before. It is company settled down in South Africa. I tested it for a few days at home but not really on a downhill track so I can’t wait to ride with it on a real DH track. I have also great parts on it. I ride Marzocchi forks and rear shocks, Sun Ringle Rims, Thomson seat post and steams, San Marco Saddles, Shimano parts, Michelin tires and a Syncros handle bars. And I’m pimped by Sombrio race gear, 661 protection and Iriedaily casual clothes. I still have Generali as my main head sponsor and new is Frontworx, which is represented on my jersey and on my bike frames. Frontworx is an international IT Consulting company which settled down in Vienna. So these are my racing news. My private news are, that I was very productive in the last 2 months and wrote my writings to finish my studies. One topic was about Sport sponsoring and the other is about Athletes hit the road. Both topics were very interesting and I gain a lot of benefit of my researches and my science work.


So the next days I will hopefully get fast used to the time difference of 12 hours and be able to ride my bike. I mean that’s one reason why I am here.

I will keep you up to date and check my web blog on my homepage there will be pictures of my journey.

See you LENE

img_7252.JPG kai and Iimg_7168.JPG

 my one and only