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Boris I and Miriam hanging out in the finish area
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hmm long time ago that i took part at the austrian national champs. My last ones were 2004. But this year yipi I could race . The starter field was very reduced because a lots of women injured themselves. Anita Molcik injured herself on Saturday at the 4x training another woman on Saturday and one other on Monday. I wish all the best and quick recovery. Also Angie H. When I heard about the crashes for one second I thought about how it is to be injured and that got me the creeps. So avoided to talk about that during the weekend. I was very focused on my training runs, my mental and physical condition. The track is very hard (Schladming) I mean you need a lot of power. It is also a track where you never have time to relax for a second you have to be concentrate on every section. A lot of riders made mistakes or crashed. To have a perfect run was nearly impossible. On of my best friend Boris Tetzlaff he had his perfect run.He is the new Junior national champion I was so happy about his victory. I got to know him when he was about 15th. He was so talented and I helped him as much as I could. Now he beat all the older riders. He is so cooool. In my opinion he will become one of the best riders of the world when his output curve is increasing like it does in the last years.

Back to my runs. Saturday I ended up 3rd. The race didn’t count for the national champs because we weren’t enough austrian woman. I felt not very good on the track. I don’t like the Schladming 4x course. Tracy Hanna from Australia won. Second was Petra Bernhard. In the men class Michi Staufer (Petra’s boyfriend) won. In my eyes a great performance because normally he doesn’t race 4X or downhill. He is a Motocross rider and bet all the guys who are training all over the year just 4X, with a heavy downhill bike. Just incredible 4 me.

Back to my runs. My training runs were good I know the track very well so jep it was a easy training. I didn’t make heaps of runs just few non stop runs. On Monday was the final day. About 180 competitors from all over the world were racing. Kai’s friends were also there. The two stage Team. KIWIs everywhere…..I felt good at the start I wasn’t that nervous, just a little bite. I ended up 4th in the international ranking and 2nd in the national raking. Tracy Hannah got first, Petra 2nd and Daniela Bossard 3rd (AUS/AUT/SUI).The men class won Filip Polc, 2nd Markus Pekoll, 3rd Sam Blenkkinsop (SVK/AUT/NZL). Junior class : Boris Tetzlaff/ Georg Sieder/ Matthias Stonig. Funclass: 1st Alexander Mikowitsch (Congratulation Alex)

So yes now I am soooooooo tired. Yesterday we drove to Wels where the EHS dudes were fixing my rear shock. Today I stood up at about 6 o’clock to drive to Vienna to got my car air condition repaired and no I will take a day off. Just doing nothing that’s my plan.
see you LENE