1st Austrian Cup – Flattnitz

_dsc0187x.jpg100 pros, 10000 spectators 1000000 fans….Okay okay it wasn’t like that. Buuuuuuut it was a great weekend. The sun was shining and the track was great. I got really bad sun burned on friday afternoon or was it saturday I am not sure- whatever. I didn’t think that it can be that bad because i nearly wore all the time my helmet. Kai the Kiwi guy was with me he got sunburned too.But apart from that his jetlag is getting better and I think he enjoys Austria a lot. I have a new bike rack for my car now it’s so easy to transport the bikes. I should have bought this thing much earlier……I can transport so much more stuff in my car and I don’t have to be a logistician to squash everything. So yeah the race- the weekend. I did some good training runs on friday an sunday. No crashing just some problems with my fork and my rear shock. Both were /are leaking. I will get it fixed 2 morrow … Hopefully.

It was my first austrian cup since I don’t know. I was long time away- Last year I was injured at the end and during the year I competed at the World cups and in Canada. A lot of things has changed in my opinion. Lots of new faces, good bikes, expensive parts, well styled and dressed, lots of fast riders and motivated young people. I think a good new freshening wind in the austrian downhill society. The only thing i missed was the legendary rider party… It supposed to be a karaoke night but nobody was motivated to embarrasse themselves. Probably because it was the night before the race. Anyway my qualification run and first run was okay and my final run was great. Not brilliant cos I made 2 mistakes. But I ended up 3rd. Behind Anita Molcik and Petra Bernhard. Kai ended up 21st and was happy his goal was finish the first race in europe with being not last and no injured. So yeah well done mister Crow…

Next stop is Wagrain and then Schladming. National Champs.

see you LENE