A day in the austrians freeride paradise – Mountainbikeparkwagrain

_dsc0093x.jpgOn Friday Kai and I got the privilege to ride on the new freeride trails in Wagrain. The bike park hasn’t opened yet but Stefan the Marketing Co Manager drove us up to the top so that we could do some runs. We had luck with the weather. The sun was shining and we used the day to make a photo session. The bikecrew is like a big family here. Everyday they are eating together in familiar atmosphere. We were very welcomed. It has nothing to do with racing, pushing your self or looking for the best and shortest line. Here you go for a ride to spend hours with your friends, doing heaps of runs without getting tired and hanging out at the evening at one of the most beautiful parts of Austria. The bikepark has an own park patrol which is made up of about 5 people. They are doing all a very good job. All are riders who are knowing how a bike park has to look like.(Whistler style). The park has a new big wall ride. Just huge, but so build that everybody will have fun. The obstacles are for everybody even if you are beginner or pro rider. It’s a good track with big burms and it was just amazing how much forest was setting in motion to built this park and it’s still growing. Over the summer thew want to built 6 new single tracks.
Thanks for the nice day.. See you soon Lene (On the 16th of June is the Bike Opening and I will be there)

Kai on the big wall ride

_dsc0009x.jpg Thanks to DVS for the new shoes