First World cup stop in VIGO (ESP)

img_4637-copy.jpghandy-032-copy.jpgSUN/RAIN/SUN/WIND/HAIL/SUN/RAIN hmm and than SUN/WIND….. wired weather…

On wednesday I arrived at Santiago de Compostella with 2 other Austrian riders. I checked my luggage through and so it’s always exciting „Will I get it? Or is it lost?“. Standing at the conveyor starring at the black whole…. This time I got all my stuff in one piece.YIPI (I flew with Iberia, maybe it is important for someone).
Thursday we walked down the track. My mechanic, Chris fixed my bike perfectly. It was kind of strange to have somebody with you, who does everything for you. I’m absolutly not used to it. In a way I was irritated and stressed. All the years I did everything by myself and suddendly there is one who makes all. I should have been relaxed but it wasn’t easy to left my bike to someone else. On friday, I felt good on my bike. I didn’t make every jump but it was all right. All the years I missed it to compete in Vigo, because I was injured. This time I made it and i was happy to see a lot of riders again. I would not say that I have heaps of friends in the dh circus but with some persons I can talk more than just „hi how are you, how was your winter“ – For example- Jenna Makgill a Kiwi lady. We had a lot of fun when I was in New Zealand and so the fun continued in Europe.

At the final day I was soo nervous I can’t explain. I rode so bad. I didn’t find my rythm I didn’t hit the right lines and i made two big mistakes.. I ended up 17th. The position isn’t that bad but my time. wohhh. 44 seconds behind the first lady Sabrina Jonnier. It was nobody’s weekend apart from Mario S.. Boris T., Georg S., Tom W. and Mathias S. crashed in the qualification run and Anita and I in the final run. I was very gutted. But yeah that’s racing and I have to learn to cope with the situtation. AAAAAAAAAAnd i am not injured.
On Sunday we went out. We are: Anita, Tom, Chris, Niki and Dominik (two swiss riders) and I. We went bowling. I haven’t tried it before and it was sooo funny. I mean bowling in generally isn’t that funny but we had so much fun. We At the beginning sometimes we made strikes but the more alcohol was ordered and later it got the more pins kept standing straight. I didn’t drink anything, everybody who knows me knows that. So at the end I looked after the group and drove them home to the hotel. After the two bowling rounds we went to the riders party. Honestly apart from dancing it was borring. Everybody was standing there and ordered one bear after one. Yeah that was the weekend in Spain.

Today I will pick up Kai Crow from the airport. A Kiwi (NZ) rider. I travelled with his cousin, Hadley around New Zealand and so I know him. He will stay in Europe until September and we will compete some races together. So I think you will hear a lots of funny stories and see funny pictures in the next months.

See you Lene