Home sweet home…

Back home….After nearly 7 weeks I arrived in Austria. I have a lot to work through the impressions. Many things and many moments happened which I will never regret and never forget.
The last year I was on tour too. It was such an adventure (NewZealand). I was alone, didn’t know somebody and had no idea about the country. This time I travelled around Europe, but I knew a lot of people so it was easy to organise. Organise is maybe the wrong word because to sum it up my plan was to have no plan.
I came home with the expectations something has changed, like everytime but like everytime I am realizing, with my first step in my house, that nothing has changed. The same people are waiting for you, (I mean good to know that someone is waiting for you) you here the same stories from the same people, you have to do the same things…
I have to realize again that nothing has changed. It doesn’t matter how long you are away, it is always the same. I don’t want to say that it is positive or negativ.
At the moment I am very tired. I think I have to take it easy. I can’t do everything at one day. One friend told me one day “ gotta get the most important things done first”.

See you LENE