Genova at easter

img_4432.JPGimg_4438.JPGimg_4427.JPGThe last days were nice so nice. Totally different to the other days, weeks. No racing just playing with the bike, going out, enjoy the city live…  I spend some days in Genova with Alberto Accettulli, an ex Kona rider. He lives there. I wanted to visit him on the way to Italy but I couldn’t make it so I made it on homeward journey. Genova is a very interesting city. You can find everyting there you just have to keep your eyes Y-open. From the rich and beautiful to the gangster drug dealer neighborhood. Narrow alleys, old buildings, lots of small groceries, thousands of shoe stores, a church on every corner, thousands of lively moped rider…. and a crazy italien car driving style… I was overstrained when I wanted to cross the road by foot – by bike it was good but by foot uiuiuiui perilous. But I had a knight in shining armor how held my hand.

One day we went for street riding on the other in the skater park. I was the second girl who has ever ridden there. I think for the Italien Skater and rider i was an alien. A typical italien girl doesn’t make any sport and especially not riding a bike. The main goal is to be beautiful and get a sun tan and find the newest shopping trend that’s all what they are doing. The last day we went in a bike shop. Alberto’s rear hub broke down and I fixed it for him. The owner of the shop didn’t say hi or good bye or looked at me nothing it was like I didn’t exist. But he wasn’t the only one. BIKE and GIRL no way…

The last afternoon I spend with Alberto on the beach. Lying on a stone and listening to the waves. It was so hot and I got a sun tan- yeah now I was like an italien girl…I was so lazy and I enjoyed it after this very exciting 6 weeks travelling across europe.

see you LENE