YEAAHH at the moment I’m in Monaco. Visiting my friends from Kona…
I stayed one night in Auch with Gonzalo and after lunch I left Auch… I drove about 5 hours to St.Tropez-Les Issambre. There are living friends of my parents who fortunately went on holiday these weeks and so I had a place to stay for 2 nights.
Yesterday I was in St.Maxime for a second time. I really like the track so that’s why i came back. The weather was fine and the track was dry. Bastien, a local rider, was with me and his friend (THANKS!!! a lot) drove us up the whole day.
In the evening, I will drive to Sospel to visit other Austrians riders. And tomorrow – hmm – I hope I can go for a ride. At the weekend I will go to Pay or Torino or to Switzerland….

I will see