img_4275x.jpgimg_4315x.jpgimg_4323-copy.jpgI am on the way to Auch with Gonzalo. My car is still at Fabien’s place.. at least I hope so.

The weekend was a little bite disorganised… Maybe disorganised isn’t the right word. I think I just not used the Spanish way of living. To sum it up in one word “SLOW”. Instead of leaving Valencia at 14 o’clock we were on the road at 17:30. The others ate late and went late to “bed”. All 7 persons slept in Gonzalos van. You could open the roof so 3 person slept up and 4 down. Every person had about 50 centimeter space to sleep (more or less) It depended on your sleeping style. Hmm and then snorring people too.. I don’t have to mention that I didn’t sleep very well. BUT the training day was very good and very funny. I liked the track a lot. It was totally different to the track in Vall d’Uxo. No rocks and not dry as it rained and was muddy. Not too much but enough that your clothes and protection were wet until the next morning. We cooked in the evening and took a shower, ate a friend’s place somewhere in St. Andreu. Not knowing, that the 3 other riders, who slept last night up in the car, had decided to sleep in the friend’s place, we stayed in the middle of St. Andreu with the car. It was loud and I could not sleep. In the morning the three others didn’t tell anything and went back to Torrelles… We didn’t know the way back very well and so Gonzalo and I missed the training in the morning…we weren’t in time. Perfect —- I was sooooo angry about everything and everybody. What a crappy day. My first run was horrible I didn’t find my rhythm and I was so cold. The weather conditions were worst than the day before and it was much colder.

I was not very happy about my run and in my final run I tried to do it better. I ended up 2nd but I was still not satisfied with run. I did some mistakes. I have to forget about this weekend.

I need a warm bed, more than 8 hours sleep an early dinner and a training run in the morning to ride well.

See you miss DH