Vall d’Uixo

img_4237.JPGvall-duixo-siegerpodest-copy.jpgBack again… to Valencia…

I decided to stay longer in Valencia…..and I’m on my own for a while. The french guy drove home to his place.

The weekend was great. I was in Vall d’Uixo (Maxxis cup race) located on the east coast of Spain. Sunshine, good vibes, many people I knew, and a good track (about 2:30min). And the icing of the cake was that I won the race with more than 3 seconds although I washed out one burm. Second was Miriam Blas and third Mireia. In the men’s class, David Vasquez won with Ivan Olego on the second place.

I felt good on the track but I don’t get used to the terrain conditions here (dry/ lots of rocks and slippery). The shuttle way was horrible, but the organisers tried their best. Too many riders too many cars and not enough space. So I decided to cancel my training on Saturday morning cause it didn’t make any sense, as you couldn’t ride without to being stopped by a slower rider ahead of you. I just walked down the track and looked for the best lines.

I enjoyed the whole weekend a lot. I meet a lot of people and some of them are Elena and Gonzalo, two incredible personalities. Gonzalo has the opinion “geht nicht gibts nicht” — roughly translated this would mean “Won’t work? Doesn’t exist!”. He is a Spanish Mac Gyver. He made a complete Motorhome by himself, a four wheel bike, a Downhill frame…. and many different things. He plans to built a small “Doppeldecker” Airplane.

He made also a rear axle for my bike. One made by aluminium so it’s much more lighter than my last one. (200 grams to 90 grams YEAH). Elena is cool and it’s also nice to talk with a woman. She is the same age like me… Sometimes it’s to much maleness for me… stupid jokes…

Pytter the owner of Turyciclo, a bike shop in Valencia helps me also out. (THANKS)

Yesterday I was in village, hm I don’t know its name, but it was so cold. In the night, I think it was freezing. We slept in Gonzalos country house. Very pretty….But for me definitely too cold (no central heating and all is made of stone)

Now I will go and cruse around Valencia with Manfred Nagl, an Austrian rider (Nailracing). I met him at the race. With a surprise to meet the Nailracing Mafia there.

on you tube you can see a video of Gouveia

See you LENE