Next season……

On that way I want to say thanks to Trek for the support and the bikes. Goodbye Trek –

Hello Morewood. This company is grounded in 1998 in South Africa by Patrick Morewood. With Richard Carter’s help it grew and morewood frames count now to the best downhill frames in the world. And I for me it is a privilege to ride with this bike next season. The goal was to built a frame which is light and works simple. With the SPI system I think I will take it like a duck to water….I can’t await it to get my frame.

Next year I will be still on Michelin tires, Marzzocchi forks, Sun Rims, San marco saddles, Thomson seatposts and steams, Shimano cranks dereilleurs, Sombrio race clothes, Six Six One protection, DVS shoes, Iriedaily casual clothes, Rsp grease for my bike, Generali insurance company, Acros head set,
What new is, is Syncros and maybe Formula.

The next days I have a important sponsor meeting and there I will see if I can afford me to travel to New Zealand from December to February.

see you LENE