Schladming. austria world cup. final.

It’s done… To say it straight out. The four cross race went well and the downhill went unlucky.

All began on wednesday. I started to pack my stuff for the race one day before and in the morning my car was full up to the roof. 2 bikes, about 6 wheel sets, tires, three bags, 4 pair of shoes, bike wash stuff, a second fork, pump, massive tool box  etc… I am so surprised how I could survive with one bag (protection stuff and casual clothes), 4 tires and a little bag of spare parts, one wheel set when I travel overseas to race 3 world cups  or for about 2 month…It works too .. But for the home world cup I wanted to be as good as possible prepared so it took everything with me which i might can need and what has space in my car. So yeah  I arrive at 12 o clock and the stress started. register- track walking- four cross training and that all in a period about 5 hours. 4x Training went well I loved it. I jumped all jumps in my first run.

In the next the downhill training was o.k. I still did feel like racing and my motivation was on zero. My body felt good but my mind said no.

I reached the seminfinals in 4 cross and ended up on the 8th place which was very good for me. we were a starter field about 20 girls so I am stoked about the position. In downhill i managed to crash in my semi final run at the last section. I had to run for my bike and it cost me so much seconds. I ended up on the 21th position with just a 2 seconds gab between me and the 20th girl.  The first 20th girls are reaching the finals so yeah that sucks. bUt i am still happy about my 8th place in four cross.
see you LENE