Summary from the last 10 days..-australia-singapor-germany-austria-germany- home

When I left sydney I had to run through a logistical masterwork…Chris lent me his Morewood NDIZA,

playing with the bike in chris office.
(the best 4 cross frame ever) to be able to compete at the 4x too-but he didn’t arrive in Canberra before thuersday night and the 4 cross training started at thuersday afternoon so I had to take the bike with me some how to Canberra. So stood up at 6:30 drove by bus/bus/train to Chris house (9:00) picked up the bike- rode back to a bike shop called BIKE ADDICTION (Thanks for your help too) packed up the bike in a bike box- walked back to Micks place- packed my stuff- draggled my heavy bag back to the bike shop- Luckly one of the guys gave me ride to the manly fairy station- this time I dragged a big bike box, my bag, my back bag- my helmet bag on the fairy- to the train station- to the office of Chris and Mick- back to the bus station….and it was 6 o’clock.. it took me the whole day… such a mission. But I made it and met Diana in the bus to Canberra.


There Clair Buchanan’s parents picked us up and I stayed with the local rider INDI (Julia Boer from Hungary), who moved to Australia in the name of love years ago.

We walked the track on Wednesday and had DH and 4x training on thursday. The track was so different to all tracks I have ever ridden in Europe. Very short and about 20 jumps, so dry that you felt like riding on ice- no grip at all. I was quite stressed to hit all the jumps until the race day. But i had a mental supporter who believed in me. Maybe more than I did and i hit all the jumps I planed… Great. The 4x training went well as well but I did a mistake in the qualification run so that I didn’t reach the finals. I was very disappointed and angry. I was sick of making mistakes when it counts so I didn’t care at all anymore about 4X. I even didn’t go to watch the finals the next day. Sunday was race day and wasn’t really happy or motivated. It started to rain and it was ice cold in the morning. I had bad final run and ended up on the 14th place. The place wasn’t too bad but I was still not satisfied with my performance. What should I say.. maybe the saison should end soon I am riding my bike since January, pretty much non stop and I am tired.

Indi injured herself bad and had to got to hospital. She crashed at one of the biggest jumps on the track and broke her radius. It was so displaced that she couldn’t get just a plaster…no she had to stay and had to get a metal plate and screws in to straight it back.. Poor Indi. So Brad (a friend of Indi) and I took care of her before we had to go back to Sydney. Me because my flight was on the 2nd and he had to work. It was a long flight- about 8 hours to singapor- 14 hours to Frankfurt- 1h to Vienna. I travelled nearly 2 days. I arrived on wednesday morning -unpacked my stuff- took a shower- a nap- and hopped on a train to Friedrichshafen, where the Eurobike is running at the moment…. It was a night train, but I didn’t sleep very well because of the jet lag…arrived in the morning… visited all my sponsors… and hopped back on the night train… and now I am finally at home.. first night for me since month I am sleeping in my own bed. YEAh I am happy.

canberra-044.jpg Packing my bike again…

img_1745.JPG Diana and I walked down the track…

canberra-054.jpg Bred and I at the airport