What about me?

After my last race in Innsbruck I kept on riding but with constant pain in my thumb. I had this little crash at the training run on Sunday but I thought okay it hurts but it won’t be that bad. At the end it turned out that I have to do a surgery on my thumb. How you can see on the picture my ligament cut.daumen1_gross.jpg
The Doctor, Pezzei, from the Lorenz Böhler hospital squeezed me in his busy surgery schedule, so just 24h after the first x-ray my thumb was fixed. I was awake during the surgery… hmm I didn’t liked it at all but I was happy that I went there; because he told me, without fixing it I would have problems my whole life.
So after the surgery I packed my stuff and left Austria for a while. I stayed in Morocco. I got this special cast for my finger so I could do much. Just sitting and running at the beach. But my thumb progressed so fast that I took it off after 3 weeks, instead of 6 weeks and started to surf. Riding my bike wasn’t possible because of the vibrations, which hurt me. But surfing was great, I started quite a while ago, and you could never called it “surfing” but this last time I actually found the connection to the sea. From the first day the take off worked and timing was good, I turned, read the waves and at the end I surfed my first 2,5 meter wave, which was huge for me, concerning that I didn’t grow up with the sea…it scared me at the beginning. I think I am addicted to it and I understand what the people in all this surf videos are talking about… when they talk about their passion to surfing and the ocean.
So now I am back in Austria and my thumb gets better and better. At my last doctor appointment he said it’s all good and don’t have to wear the cast anymore…. Great.
My plans for the next weeks are first of all get ridden of the stupid flu, which I picked up somewhere at my arrival in Austria. After, I will hit the BMX track, the forest and the gym, depending on the weather.
Bye bye LENE