Where is my luck?

Last weekend I raced in Val di Sole. (ITA) It was all perfect. I saw an old friend elisa canepa again, I had my mechanic Martin with me, who supported me perfect and the sun was burning down. I trained well and qualified perfectly on friday with an nearly perfect run. 4th place from 25 girls. So really happy about that. Race day …still all good. first heat still all good. got easy in the next round. Semi final… it got worse. I had a puncture in my run, so didn’t make it in the finals. So started in the small final, where I HAD A CAMERA MAN IN FRONT OF THE TRAFFIC LIGHT!!!!! so i couldn’t see the red light. Because I can just start visual I totally missed my gate and finished 8th… WHAT A fu….sh….I protest at the bottom but the ITALIEN UCI (very important italien UCI people, which were absolut unprofessional the whole weekend) didn’t care and they didn’t make a rerun. (the day after i talked with the woman, who has something to say at the UCI – forgot her name- and she said that she would have made a rerun for sure and that she was very sorry for what happened. hmm what can i buy with this sorry. NOTHING!!! So what does that means for me??? now. I didn’t get a chance to get on the podium, I am super angry, frustrated and rode so much better than to be at the end 8th….. and sorry i forgot a „small “ detail, which makes me broken…  I can pay me the World champs costs by myself, because I needed a top 6 result to get a fund. Yeah thanks to the Cameraman, who i better never meet again in my life.

Champery I will try to kill it with all this anger in me… see you Lene