World Champs in Champery /Eurobike/ next year

Last weekend I was racing at the Worlds in Switzerland. I was nominated by national team, so super happy about that, because yeah World champ means the Worlds best riders..

I was nominated for both disciplines downhill and 4x but i thought doing one and doing this well is better then stress around with both and do both bad. hmm I am still not sure if it was the right desicion because I ended up 11th in 4x which was absolutly not that what I had expected. Medal was my goal and after my qualify in Val di Sole 4th place I thought it could happen, why not. I was well prepared and felt good. But yes thats 4x and it didn’t work out for me this time. I didn’t feel good on the track and I switched around my bikes 4x fully or hardtail 1 time – that was my question.. I got a new 4x fully frame from commencal (thanks for that commencal andorra). In the finals i decided to got with the hardtail- i had a good gate but let the first corner open and I got 3rd and the track didn’t have many options to pass, so I stayed 3rd and was out.

I was disappointed but how i said thats racing and next time I make it.

In the same night from friday to saturday my team mate Hannes and I drove (okay he drove i slept most of the time, thanks Hannes ) to ther Eurobike and we arrived there just in time. Running around to see all my sponsors, get the deals, get new deals and the most important thing get a new frame sponsor, because I left the team Alpine Commencal.

I want to say thank you to the two physios Angie and Margot, Elke the best room mate every, Bernd and Heinz the coaches and to all my sponsors, Alex from Acros, Roland from Syncros, Matt from Royal,  Denise from Iriedaily, Hans Jörg from DVS and Ogio, Axel from Go Pro, Guiseppe from Spy, Tom from 661, Helge from Shimano, Niccolo from San Marco, Andreas from Michelin, Martin from Fox Shox, Daniel and Chris from e13, Anja from Urban Tool, Dennis from Formula, Kathi from Wagrainbikepark, Michael from Chiba Vision, my mechanic Matrin from Suspension Clinics, Roland the trainer from the Galaxy fitness center and Michi the best bike shop boss ever (ciclopia)

I hope I didn’t forget some one if yes I am sorry.