Whistler Crankworx…A place to be

At the moment I am in Canada in Whistler, sitting on the table with my pyjamas, just had breakfast and thought it’s time to leave an update on my webpage.
Caroline Buchanan and I arrived here by Monday and since monday lot was happening.  We know each other for a while and it was good after so many years hang out again and have fun…just a girl riding week… no boys… just great.

We both took part in 3 races. The first one was A line, second one the Pump track race and the third the Dual Slalom.  
Tuesday: The A line race was tough. 4-5 minutes full on pedalling and soaking up the jumps, pushing hard in the turns…it was amazing and I loved it. This A line is something special, the jumps are so made that you can’t stop smiling when you hit them. You are all the time in the air…just amazing. I don’t know any trail in Europe which is like that.  Caroline finished I think 8th and I came 18th. My run was not very fast but I had fun and so I was satisfied. 
Wednesday: Jumping back on my small bike I trained on the dual slalom course in the morning and then on the pumptrack. I liked both much but the Dual a little bit more. At the pumptrack qualification I a made two mistakes and came 9th just missed the top 8th to race in the evening at the final. So i took the rest of the day easy went a bit shopping and also went dirt jumping. In the evening I went to the pumptrack to watch it was great. Super atmosphere and Caroline came 2nd. She was so close that she beat Jill Kintner.  
Thursday: Still on my small bike…we trained for the dual slalom. The weather was not so good and it rained…but the track stayed okay not too slippery. I felt good, training went well -just the first corner made me problems..I didn’t get the right speed to step down nicely. I qualified 5th and in my first heat I had to race against Anneke Beerten. I tried my best but she made it and advanced.  Caroline did great again and came 2nd again very close to beat Jill. Finally I placed 5th. 
In the evening we went out and party a bite… I danced non stop. It was good fun. I really liked that the party starts soon about 9pm and nobody smoked. So it didn’t stink and you could go home earlier…what I liked so that I could ride the next day again. I jumped back on my big bike and rode nearly the whole day. The freestyle event was on JOYRIDE and so the bike part was nearly empty after 5 o clock and so I went riding…no queues and because it was so quite I saw to bears just running in front of me that was nice…

Pumptrack training
ladies night
watching at ALINE