This weekend was my most important weekend of the year. The 4x World championships were running in Leogang Austria and I was so ready to compete well. So far my season went pretty good I got 3rd in the overall of the 4x Pro Tour Series, had many podiums and lots of good moments and it just worked. I am mean of course I trained very hard for it, everyone does , so you also need luck in 4X and this year it seemed that I had it. 
So I arrived at Leogang on Thursday with my trainer and best friend Markus. The track is for sure not my favorite one but I tried to find my lines and I felt good.  On Friday my training was the same but I qualified 8th. I wasn’t very happy about my run because I didn’t hit the rock section how I wanted and how I always did in my training runs but I knew Saturday is race day which counts so 8th from 18th girls is not to bad and last year I didn’t even made in the finals because I crashed in my qualify run. So this year I was in the finals.
On Saturday my boyfriend, my other friend Birgit and my parents came to support me as well and so it couldn’t be better. I was ready and motivated to race hard but in my first training run I got hit by another rider. I have to say the biggest retard I have ever met on the 4x circus I don’t want to mention his name he is poor enough to be alive. I understand when people are stressed and want to hit the lines but you should always have an eye on the other riders when you riding especially when you ride behind them because they can’t see you .And for me rule number one is to help the other rider after he/she crashed and stop the other riders so they don’t crash on the person.
 I couldn’t see him coming I was jumping from the left side and he was on the right side behind me.  He just landed on me and made me crash so bad on my wrist hand elbow hip and knee.  But the icing on the cake was he didn’t even stop nothing and didn’t apologize after either… I was lying there in the landing couldn’t breathe had so much pain started to cry straight away and my first tough was how I get out of here because the landing is so long and steep that the others won’t see me and will hit me too.  So I was crawling out and was lying on the side for 15 minutes before some ambulance came….The whole ambulance was not very well organized.
I don’t have to say how much motivated I was to race hard..pretty much zero. I took a rest, missed the training and took pain killers. My boyfriend helped me to reset my mind and I turned all the anger and aggression into my heats. It worked well for me in my first heat I got 2nd, second heat 4th and third heat 3rd so finally I finished 7th. I am satisfied with this result. And  I can say I tried everything I could. I am proud on myself.
I want to say thank you to all the people who helped me the whole season. Big thanks to my sponsors, Patrick from Moro bikes, Michi my boss from the best bike shop in town who always let me go to race, I don’t know many bosses who would do that. Big thanks to Christian from Hayes, Manitou, Answer and Sun RIngleIriedaily, Acros, Spy, RSP, San Marco, Michelin. My favorite fitness center Galaxy fitness and Go PRO.  Thanks to the photographers who gave me the pictures for free, thanks to my trainer, my best friends, my doctors, my family and my boyfriend.

Waiting for my heat