Off season time..what is she doing

After the Worlds I went straight from Leogang to Switzerland to visit my brother shortly and then continue to drive to Portugal. In Switzerland my knee started to hurt more from the crash in Leogang and went to hospital to made a MRT and X rays from my knee, elbow and hand..fingers crossed my insurance gonna pay that 1000 euros… BOOM!!*#*‘-.?/&%$ I came out I don’t have a cross ligament in my right knee and that I broke my ulna and couple of bones in my hand. The doctors were very surprised…same as me because i never realized that. But because nothing was very urgent so my boyfriend and I continued the journey. We drove to Hossegor and Ericeira to surf and to Sintra to bike. It was amazing…. I felt so in love with this area (sintra) thanks to facebook—- I met so many nice people there. They were so friendly, organized us a shuttle for us and showed us the DH tracks and another day they showed us the most amazing Enduro trails I have ridden so far.. soooo great we rode until the beach.  (thanks to Joao Goncalves, Nuno Alvelos,Armando Gomes and his driver and Sintra Downhill club) We stayed totally on the road 3 weeks, slept in my caddy maxi and enjoyed the time together.
It was great holiday and we both were sad that we had to come back.  In the mean time I was racing to other small races the „HERBSTCUP 4.0 “ its a small DH/Enduro/dual cup, organized from friends for friends. Its a fun race and everyone loves it.
Winter time is also the time to try other things as well and this time its skateboarding.

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Herbscup 4.0. am Zuckerl
Herbstcup 4.0
Kodi and I