Sports Ball -Vienna

I have finished my studies now and so it was my duty to go at least for one time on the ball of my sports university. I was very excited to go there see all the students, especially the men 🙂 in their nice and elegant bests suits compare to the fact that I know them all just in jogging pants and T-shirts and sneakers. And I haven’t been on a ball since ages, maybe about 5 years ago I don’t know. I felt like a teenager, not that I am so old, but I went through the same process….it was very funny to giggling around with your best friend before and help each other with difficult hairstyles, makeup and the right ball gown choice. Girls stuff!! Great… After we were styled and dressed up like Cinderella we were ready to meet our prince charmings. Okay her was already waiting since hours at the entrance because we were running so late…

The ball took place at Vienna’s city hall so it was a very nice and adequate location. The bands were very good and it gave me the heebie-jeebies, because the one singer, she sang just brilliant. So we didn’t miss the chance to dance the classic dances, like fox trot, boggie and of course walzer. Hmm but honestly it was more freestyle than correct steps. But nobody cared so did I. The disco fever sparked about 12 o’clock and did end until I danced without shoes….