Final day MSA

So today was the big day in Mont Saint Anne. I couldn’t sleep very well because of all my bruises  I have.( I counted them -12) so I woke up early. My training run went okay. The track dried out so much that everybody was running just michelin comp16 or similar tires but I got really hard to ride on so many break bumps and wholes. I really felt good on the track and I liked it, althought I got so many bruises and scratches this weekend from crashing, sliding around. The weather was fine and so I felt this gonna be my day. And it would have been if I wouldn’t have technical problems. My qualification run went well. I finish 14th with 2 mistakes and I knew I can do better. The track was very long about 5-6 minutes and I normally like long tracks because of the pedalling and I see my advantage in long durations. Anyway on the first straight my dereilleur must have been hit by something because my hanger got so bended and I couldn’t pedal or change my pedal position the whole way down. Until I realized that I was already on the ground. sliding on my right side of my body on gravel and big stones…. AHhhhhh. that hurt so much my hand was shaking and I could feel the pain spreeding out through my body. I was so gutted about the fact that I went down that I wasn’t sure if it makes any sense to keep on fighting… I decided to keep on giving my best but I couldn’t pedal…. for few seconds and then it stopped again… I finished 17th which is actually very disappointing for me. I tried not to think about it too much but I am tired of that. I could have done top 10 I was so sure. Who knows..who knows. NEXT time, next weekend, next race and next chance… see you your LENE