Mont Saint Anne WC

I am in Canada right now in my hotel room, my bike has arrived a day later than me, I stay in great appartment, got finally my new fork from Manitou (Travis), I am not too much jetlaged and it’s the first training day. It rained the whole night and yesterday night too. At least it doesn’t rain now. So jep it will be very slippery in some sections. I already have put my mud tires on my rims when I left europe and hoped I wouldn’t need them straight away. They journey was okay. The only enoying thing was stopover in Heathrow (6,5 hours) the first two hours I slept and after fluffing around I got toxicated by trying too much different parfumes and finally you could call me a makeup expert…knowing all new makeup trends… and I got oversugared by the choclate samples in the duty free areas… The flight to Montreal was good. The airplane wasn’t so featured and the food wasn’t that good but I had a nice company and so I didn’t get bored. I arrived in Montreal but my bike didn’t after filling out all the forms I got by bus to Quebec. The bus was so comfi and so I slept the whole drive. After an unintended sight seeing tour through Quebec city at 2 o’clock Harriet and I found the driveway to Mont Saint Anne. Yes and now I am here and I have to get ready.. The training starts soon.. bye bye LENE