European Champs

Last weekend I raced in Italy- the european champs. It was an amazing track. I liked it a lot. I just didn’t like the weather so much. It rained cats and dogs the whole weekend and the track got deaper and deaper. The race was nearly canceled because of the apocalypse conditions and the fact that the chair lift was strucked by lighting all the time and didn’t work. So the final run was started just from the half of the track because the jeeps couldn’t go up to the top of the hill- (to steep). It wasn’t that big problem because the track was long anyway. In the qualification I ended up on the 7 position. But i heard the timing didn’t work so I don’t know about this placement. The final day was allright it still rained heavy but I had fun the ONE training run was good. (we were not allowed to do more than one run… many riders didn’t more which was not very fair in my opinion…) I had a half good an half horrible final run. I just slipped away with my back wheel on the first off camber bit and lost so much seconds…at the next bits I felt really really fast but I didn’t keep on for long because I managed to get stucked in whole of mud and after the whole was a drop.. I had no other choice to drop my bike and jump from the drop… I was so angry about me in the finish…and sad too. Because I trained well and felt good too. Next time…  I ended up on the 11th place, which is not very good concerning the starter field about 15 th or 16th woman…

No i am at home and preparing everything for the next trip. I got new googles from Spy…and my helmet was restored by chris and Thomas -thanks to Obsn by this way i wish you all the best for the Body Paint Airbrush World champs. and I got new foils for my jerseys /thanks to Zebelon/ and to the copy shop.
This time I am flying to Montreal to race in Mont Sainte Anne and Bromont- then to Vancouver to race and train in Whistler the bike paradise on earth. and then to Canberra to race there the next world cup…

So I have to go and pack my stuff.. see you your LENE img_0123.JPG