riders ready watch the gate…???? plub

National champs are done.

7:00 ready to go… my best friend Miriam came with us to support us (Us= Bmx king and I)


10:00 Arrival: the track was still wet from the heavy rain the day before. So no training for us -the track was closed. And Markus used the time to change his tires 2 times…


and get some advices from Roman „Russe“ or his new name „sex instructor“…

and after eating and lying around in the car the training started. I jumped everything and felt good, so ready to race. I realized in training that my pedals and clicks on my shoes didn’t work very well I tried to fix it before my run but I couldn’t..
So I slipped out of the pedaly 3 times and had so many problems to click back in. I was soooooooooo angry I can#t tell I went back to my car and was so frustrated that this happened to me. 3rd quali time…shit i thought…shit start position again…. F*’#?! F!?’*#. It was not easy the other girls Anit M and Angie H (World cup racers too) were fast and so I had just one chance to risk all and have the fastest gate. I am not sure it’s hard to tell from my view but I think I had in the final runs the fastest gates and was so able to cut right. In the national champ final run Anita was on the 2nd position (which is still a mystery for me because she had the fastest quali time and the first line on the ride side was the best position and choosed this line on purpose…) Angie on the first and I am on the 3rd. and the first corner was a right turn with two lines, where the inside line was faster. I started and cut right to get the corner, elbow on elbow with Anita, who crashed and Angie was a head until the finish line. She got 1st, me 2nd,  Elke 3th and Anita 4rd. In the international final run it was similar but this time Anita took the 1st line, Angie 2nd, me 3rd and Elke 4th. It was the same but this time Angie couldn’t pass me and I followed Anita. Anita 1st, me 2nd, Angie 3rd and Elke 4th.

I am stoked about my racing and jumping and that I did a good job from this start position…


Markus didn’t have so much luck he finished 5th in the nationals… He had good gates and clear runs but it’s always different to race against 3 other riders too you never know.

Niki Siedl won the men, Congrats from my side..good job niki.