World Champs 2008

So I am back home now. back from the worlds… This weekend was on the one side soooo long but on the other it passed so quick to. Some of the national team riders arrived on monday and some on wednesday. We were 8 riders. 4 women and 5 men. Anita Angie raced Four cross and Petra just Downhill and me both. The week started with rain, a crash straight on my nose and an wet track but ended with an sunburn on my arms and a top results for me. I liked the track  (I mention it already before) and up to the last training hour I found my lines. Thursday I manage to landed straight on my face and in the first moment I thought that I broke my nose. I couldn’t see and it hurt so much. I asked the first aid people next to me: „did i broke my nose? and they didn’t understand me and they look just with worried faces on my nose and said YES, YES, Yes hmmm yes… and I was shocked and worried about that I really broke it…But to solve it – They didn’t speak english and said just yes yes yes without knowing what I really had asked them… and I didn’t have a broken nose. It just turned a little bit blue the next day and I couldn’t breath very well in my seeding run. On Friday morning I was so tired from 3 Dh training days and 1 day Four cross that I just slept in and missed on purpose the downhill training. I felt that my body needs the sleep to regenerate and it helped -I felt good at the 4x training. I was ready to get a good qualification time. hmm But at the start I slipped out of my right SPD pedal and managed still to jump the first 2 step downs. I was worry that I wouldn’t make to the finals on Saturday with this mistake but I got a good run down (the rest of the track) and finished as 14th. The only thing was I could’t choose the line which was very important… like in every 4 cross…

Anita had a good time and was 5th in qualification. She jumped the men pro line so respect from my side well done Anita.
So Saturday was the raceday. At 12:56:30 downhill Final- I know it so exactly because I still can read it on my back of the hand. I wrote it with a waterproofed marker on it to be sure that I don’t miss my start….On this way I also wanna say thanks for the support from the National coach at the start (DH/4x) and the mechanic.  So I got down in one piece in my race run. I had a nearly clean run.. I could say I „cleaned up the track“ of photographers. There were so many that I hit one with my handlebar…I lost for few seconds my balance and nearly crashed. I think I was not the only one who hit one they were everywhere. I heard from a junior rider who crashed so hard after hitting a photographer that he ended in hospital. 🙁

So I ended up on the 13th place, which is my best result this year in an big event. 13th of the world I am stoked… The time different between the next girls are about 0,5-4 seconds but the podium ladies weer 30-47 seconds ahead, which is pretty much… so training training training.

Four Cross was very dissapointing for me. I had a good start but I had no chance on the outside line. In hindsight I shouldn’t have tried to go wide and cut in it was a to slow line… But pastes is pasted  and I know it better now for the next time…

My next race is the 4X national champs,which I am sure won’t be counted because of the less number of female competitiors. …But I am hoping for a surprise maybe we are more than 6.

seey ou LENE


Woman: rachel Atherthon/Sabrina Jonnier /Emmeline Ragout

Men: Gee Atherton/ Steve Peat/ Sam Hill