gender disaster

This time I want to tell you something from my private life. When I am not training and racing I work one or twice per week in a bike shop in Vienna. I love it most of the time but there are days when I want just tell the customers straight in the face. Surprise I have an idea about bikes and don’t have balls.

One day a customer came into the shop and I asked him „Can I help you? He tried to ignore me and so I asked him again politely. „Do you need some help? And finally, he replied, “ No thank you can’t help me for sure!“ I asked again and said, „We won’t know if you don’t try.“ He was quite arrogant and rolled his eyes and replied again. „I am pretty sure you don’t know this, girl.  So I stepped back and made the way free to my college. My college heard the whole conversation with one ear… and when the customer walked up to him and asked him the question he said „sorry I am not an expert in this but she is. She knows everything about this rear shock.“ But guess what? He didn’t come to me and asked me he just looked angry and left the shop.

This is just an example of many what happened nearly weekly to me just in the bike shop and I am wondering when it will ever stop, all this gender disaster. I hope someday but I guess the world would be too simple and too nice when everyone starts to treat everybody how they would like to be treated.

Don’t do this mistake too like this man in the bike shop – leave prejudices and intolerance behind you. You will be surprised.